1. How long have you been in business?

    K3 Renovations in Houston, TX has been in business since early 2017. For the five years previous to that, our owner was a partner in a company that remodeled and managed boutique apartment complexes in the Houston Heights, Oak Forrest, Montrose, Mid-town and Braeswood Place, TX.
  2. Are you licensed and insured?

    We are insured and are happy to provide proof of insurance. There is no license available in Texas for general contractors but we wish there was. If Texas ever institutes this again, we will be first in line.
  3. Does K3 handle the entire project, or do I find other contractors for the flooring, lighting and décor?

    K3 typically handles the entire project. We are perfectly happy working with designers and can even refer you to a designer if you need help selecting everything that goes into a major remodel. You would not need to find other contractors to do any of the work. We guide you through the selections you need to make then we take over from there.
  4. What can I expect when I start my kitchen remodel?

    First our team of building professionals will set a meeting with you to discuss what you would like to do. If we see any areas of concern, we will bring them up then. It's far easier and more cost effective to make these changes early in the process. Second, you can expect us to prepare a very detailed scope and estimate for the work. This allows you to make sure we understand the vision you had and again allows us to make revisions early to avoid costly revisions later. Third, we will let you know every selection you need to make and get most, if not all, of those selections ordered and on site prior to beginning the remodel. This allows us to avoid any material ordering delays which would keep your kitchen unusable for an unnecessary length of time. Once work commences, you can expect us to keep you apprised of the progress with frequent communication.
  5. Are your services limited to kitchens and baths?

    Not at all. Those seem to be the most common areas people consider for remodeling but we take on projects of many different types. As a general contractor in the remodeling space, our job is to plan and coordinate the efforts of multiple specialty contractors and make sure the work is done right. Think of it like this. If the project you are considering will require multiple specialists, call us, 832-975-7657! We've done siding projects, room reconfigurations dealing with structural (load bearing) walls, flood restoration, fire restoration and even trees falling on people's houses.
  6. Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance refers?

    In Texas, we aren't allowed to give advice or interpret insurance policies so we have to caveat this answer by saying you should consult your agent, a public adjuster or a lawyer and don't rely on us. We have never seen a policy that would require you to use any particular restoration company. Generally speaking, you have the right to choose whatever company you want to do the work. Our recommendation is to choose a company that will agree on the scope of work with the insurance company first so you don't get caught later on in a three way disagreement between you, your insurance company and the contractor. Our defined scope of work is very detailed and exactly what insurance companies want to see because we use the same software that 70% of insurance companies use to derive their own estimates. For more information, call us today at 832-975-7657
  7. Can I cancel my contract if I change my mind?

    Yes. This is a very good question and one you should keep in mind when looking at any remodeling company or contractor. First off, if the contractor you are considering using does not want to do a written agreement with you, run, don't walk. Now that's out of the way, the State of Texas allows you to cancel any agreement signed in your home within three days with no penalty. There should be a separate signature page in your agreement that notifies you of this. At K3 Renovations, our agreement allows either party to cancel the agreement at any time and for any reason. The only thing required on cancellation for a remodeling project is for us to account for any outstanding incurred expenses.